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Flow finishing machine model: LLB50/80

1. equipment functions: 1. Remove burrs, burrs, oxide skin, rust, turning tool lines, coatings and slight scratches on the surface of the workpiece; 2. Carry out inverted blunt treatment on sharp corners, edges, sharp edges and tough edges of the workpiece; 3. Polish the surface of the workpiece to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. 4. Eliminate the stress of the workpiece and improve the surface strength of the workpiece. 2. scope of application: applicable to the geometric size of less than 10mm, and not easy to appear broken workpiece. The workpiece material is not limited. Features of 3. equipment: 1. The equipment adopts manual turning and discharging, which has the characteristics of small area, simple and convenient operation, etc. It is an economical flow type finishing machine produced by our company. 2. The rotating speed of the rotating disc is adjusted by the frequency converter, which is energy-saving and practical. The rotating speed of the rotating disc is 0-180 rpm. 4. options configuration: 1. Wear-resistant steel ring: added at the gap of the grinding barrel, which can reduce the gap of the grinding barrel and prolong the service life of the grinding barrel lining.

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