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Centrifugal finishing machine model: LXG30/60/100/160/220

LXG type: 1. equipment functions: 1. Remove burrs, burrs, oxide scale, rust, turning tool lines, coatings and slight scratches on the surface of the workpiece; 2. The sharp corners, edges, sharp edges and tough mouths of the workpiece are subjected to reverse blunt treatment. 3. Polish the surface of the workpiece to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. 4. Eliminate the stress of the workpiece and improve the surface strength of the workpiece. 2. scope of application: less than the size of the lining barrel workpiece can be used, centrifugal polishing machine polishing effect is much higher than other models, more suitable for workpiece polishing. 3. equipment features: 1, with frequency conversion system, according to the need to adjust the grinding barrel speed. 2. The lining barrel is made of imported wear-resistant polyurethane and can be replaced at any time. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, low cost, long service life and fast replacement speed. 3. The 30-liter, 60-liter and 100-liter equipment adopts high-strength nylon gear transmission, and the 160-liter and 220-liter equipment adopts synchronous belt transmission, which has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, and stable operation. 4. It adopts arc sliding door design and is equipped with safety contact switch, which has the characteristics of saving space and safe operation. 5. The model is equipped with horizontal grinding barrel and inclined grinding barrel, which can be purchased by customers according to their needs. 4. option configuration: 1. Multi-station lining barrel: multiple partitions are poured inside the lining barrel to isolate large workpieces that are afraid of collision, so as not to hurt each other. 2. Vibration sorting screen car: realize automatic separation of workpiece and abrasive.

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